New Hair ... Is a new salon service that is making corrective hair care easy and profitable.
New Hair is Active! and we mean Active.  
Apply New Hair to any hardened hair to soften and remove buildup, Safe for all hair types, even bleached hair.

Should be used before Perms or colors to pre-soften difficult hair which will allow the chemical service to process with predictability.
Lightly Shampoo hair, Apply NewHair, leave in 5min. on bleached, permed and fine hair.
leave in 5-8 min. on coarse hair.

Use on any client that needs a hair overhaul. Great for conditioning old perms or naturally curly hair.
Use Innerset after NewHair to bring back all the curl, shine, strength and flexibility.
available in
15 oz.
Thermal Realignment ...    Introducing the latest and greatest in Salon treatment to ever be available,

For the first time you have control over damaged, dry, tangled, hair.  This treatment  is a culmination of thousands of tests in salons all over the country, not available any where else.

Spray hair with Moisture Pre-Cleanser, Shampoo with Basic shampoo.
Apply Aqua Gel, Innerset, Combout, and cover with plastic cap.
sit client under dryer set on high.   time for 10-20 min.- Rinse.

Use Thermal Realignment
 on any hai r, even bleached.   Brings back curls in perms and reduce frizz in natural curly hair

It greatly strenghtens bleached,  permed and colored hair, of any ethnic type.
New Salon Treatment
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New to the industry
Two treatments that put the power of chemistry in your hands,
make a difference in your clients hair.
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