BacStat Corporation What's new in Hair Managment With over 35 years experience BacStat is about education with an innovative approach to professional hair care and salon procedures.
BacStat Manufactures high quality products that far exceed standard's and expectations found in today's salon's.
BacStat's own Doctor of Chemistry formulates our products for performance, economy and assist's with our
"Truth in chemistry"  philosophy,

BacStat is fueled by our passion to educate.  
What can BacStat do for you?
BacStat Is...  Corrective hair care products and techniques developed through research accompanied by many years of salon testing. BacStat Can...    Take your salon into the future with a wide range of products that will save time and money. BacStat Will... Restore the natural moisture retention of hair for shine and control with immediate results. BacStat Positively... Puts YOU in control of all your chemical services. A BacStat trained Hair Stylist...   can advise a client about hair condition and be right 100% of the time BacStat brings credibility to you and the hair care profession.
Product guide How is BacStat used? BacStat developed  "water based" products for correct conditioning of hair.

Fine hair will not collapse due to oils and coarse hair will be soft and frizz free.
ARE YOU HAIR AWARE? What type of hair do you want to correct. Curly...Fine...Straight
Color Treated, Bleached,Permed
Relaxed etc.

BacStat Corrects
Frizzy, Splitting, Breaking and
Tangling Hair Problems.
Our explanation of hair conditioning has been verified by the scientific community with laboratory documentation.
With BacStat procedures
Chemical relaxers are

That means no more breaking and dryness every time you shampoo.
Check out the product guide Water is the natural conditioner for hair,  water penetrates the cortex using the cell membrane where it is needed.     
Through research and testing
BacStat found a way to hold the moisture in the hair shaft without oils.

Oils are not moisturizers and will not change the condition of hair.  Oil based conditioners offer no change in the health of your hair, just coating and lubrication.
Chemical services will change the hair from a   "normal state"
to a   "swollen state".
 This is caused by  the "pH" of the chemical used,  how long it was used and how much heat exposure.

This "swelling" needs to be removed so that water moisture can be locked in for hair to be healthy and normal
Want a better understanding of how BacStat is totally needed in the salon ? Corrective Hair Care Company
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BacStat in the salon
Want a better understanding of how BacStat is totally needed in the salon ?
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